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It's a internet audio based "radio" station obviously, but TCAN is a weekly snapshot of the 20th century.

It's literally a "Time Capsule" of the entire 20th century in 7 days. We start on Monday with the first 39 years of the century, then progress through each decade for the remaining 6 days, then we continue all over again in a continuous cycle. From Edison's Records to The Backstreet Boys, we truly cover 100 years in a week.

What Music Do You Play?

Realistically, we can't cover every genre that the 20th century has produced, but we can certainly give it our best shot.

We focus primarily on the popular music of each decade, but unlike a lot of other internet streams, we realize that more then just hits were created for each decade. Our mix includes hits and lesser known songs in the pop genre with a taste of country also included. This recurs in each hour of each day (outside of specialty programming and weekly shows) so you come up with a interesting mix that both promotes old favorites and helps you discover new ones that you might not have heard otherwise.

Transitions take place at midnight eastern time daily with a montage covering significant events of the 20th century and into the next featured day. We are continually adding music to the "universe" of TCAN, and we hope you enjoy our highly unique take on the most recorded and preserved 100 years yet in modern times.

Do You Take Requests?

Yes and No.

As the station is largely automated, it's difficult to actually play requests. If there a song that you're curious to get the title for, please make a note of when it's played day and time (Eastern Time) and email us to find out. We'll get back as quickly as you can...but if you use winamp or VLC, off our main site, you should be able to see the now playing information

Also, mail us with any questions you may have.

what about QUALITY

We cover 100 years, The 20th Century. and technology has changed dramatically in that period of time.

In the early days, people would have to sing loud into a big horn and hope they were loud enough to make a needle move to make a groove on a record. With the advent of amplification, microphones make things a lot easier, and from disc recording then tape, then digital CD and now hard drive things are far more life like then they ever have been.

We strive to bring the best quality we can from the source material, which can vary from 78's to CD's. We think this adds to the authenticity of the audio and a can give a nostalgic feel if you hear some scratches and noise.

where are you?

On the planet? The studios are located and stream originates in Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia Canada, a bedroom community outside of the Halifax, in the Halifax Regionality Municipality

Always keeping in mind we are originating within Canada, we often play upwards of 2 songs/hr within the 1960s, 70s, 80s and 90s days, and with our "Maple Leaf Beaver Hour" 3 times daily in the 70s and 80s decade days.

If you might hear something you might not recognize, it just might be a Canadian artist. Canadian music isn't all about Rush, Anne Murray, Celine Dion and Alanis Morrisette. That's only part of it.

Special Programming?


Weekly shows also make up the schedule, and are listed as features on our schedule page.

Specials will occasionally pop up based on availability. Watch the schedule page for more details on a regular basis.